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Peach yogurt is one of my all-time favorite yogurt flavors. It makes me feel happy (peachy keen, if you will!) and reminds me of being a kid and playing at my friend Debbie’s house. Her family always had peach yogurt in the fridge. We’d jump on their trampoline, cruise around on banana seat bikes, dance around the house, and snack all day. Aww… warm and fuzzy memories!

What better way to celebrate National Peaches & Cream Day than with the sweet and smooth taste of Tillamook Peach Yogurt? A healthy, lowfat snack with a creamy texture and peachy-good taste. As with all Tillamook Yogurt, our Peach Yogurt has no artificial growth hormones, flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup. Mmm… anyone have a trampoline or a banana seat bike I could borrow?

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