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When I tell people I’m a Tillamook Cheese Brand Ambassador they usually assume I sample and eat Tillamook Cheese all day every day! Okay, okay, I probably do sample and eat Tillamook Cheese almost everyday but we Brand Ambassadors have many other opportunities. I know what you’re thinking; how much better can life get outside of traveling the country, driving awesome Baby Loaf Buses, and sampling and eating Tillamook Cheese!? Truth is, we are often provided with many more marvelous opportunities! Sometimes we appear on local news channels, eat at local restaurants that feature our products on their menus, and more!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to fly back to the great state of Texas to observe and help behind the scenes of our upcoming Texas Meets Tillamook advertising campaign! When I heard about this adventure I wasn’t sure what I was most thrilled about! First of all, I’ll finally get to meet the amazingly goofy characters Luke and Dale! Other exciting factors included coming back to Texas (the Loaf Love Tour was just there last spring), learning all there is to learn about producing commercials, and meeting the creative geniuses behind Texas Meets Tillamook!

I flew into Austin, TX on a Tuesday evening and went straight to work! We didn’t finish the shoot until the sun rose on Wednesday morning! The first thing I realized about filming commercials is how hard everyone works! They stick to a strict schedule and everyone is so driven to get it right! It’s stunning to watch take place. Every single person involved genuinely loves their job. You can feel the vibe of happiness and adrenaline once you set foot on a shoot. Everyone is creative, tells jokes, and are simply really good at what they do! I underestimated the number of people I thought it took to produce a commercial. You need security to make sure neighboring leaf blowers are at a halt and no one steps in the way of a shot. There are people in charge of props, wardrobe, hair and makeup, timing of takes, lighting, sound, camera, directing, and much much more! I was so impressed at how well everyone works together to make cheese magic!


Another part of this cheese-tastic experience were the locations in which the commercials are filmed. When the Loaf Love Tour was in Texas we definitely made sure to hit all the hot tourist spots, but this time around it was a whole new cheesy experience! I never even imagined having Gruene Hall, Texas’ oldest dancehall, all to myself (well me and the rest of the crew). Nor did I think there would be such a time in my life when I would be able to drive my baby loaf bus on the grounds of The Alamo! I watched the sun rise over The Alamo and shine down on our Baby Loaf Bus! Soon after, the world started to awaken and people began to swarm The Alamo. Once people saw the bright orange Tillamook bus in all its glory they were lining up to take photos with it before even getting to The Alamo! The popularity of the Baby Loaf Bus even started showing up on Twitter! While filming we started to notice people had taken pictures and posted on Twitter about the commercial shoot!

The baby loaf bus is definitely a star but Luke and Dale complete the cheesy package! These two guys are just as hilarious in person as they are on TV! If you haven’t seen last spring’s Texas Meets Tillamook campaign you can watch it here. After spending a week watching these two interact I now feel I must watch every blooper possible for all things in the filming world!

I had one of the best times being a part of this crew for a short time and thank everyone involved!  Even if you don’t live in Texas you will be able to find the videos online once finished. I’m not going to give it all away but here is a series of random hints: Luke and Dale, you may see a bus driving inside a grocery store, an armadillo telephone, a snowboarder, The Alamo, Gruene Hall, a guitarist showing us how he shreds, and of course Tillamook Cheese! I hope you are as thrilled as I am to see the finished Texas Meets Tillamook commercials this fall!

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