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Our friends from Denver

This is my second year traveling with these awesome Baby Loaf Buses and while they often steal the show … our friendly Brand Ambassadors are some of the most memorable people you’ll ever meet!

One of my favorite stories from the 2011 Loaf Love Tour happened on our day off while in Northern California. We were checking out of hotel in Oakland, CA and all of our staff was dressed in their regular clothes (no awesomely orange Loaf Love t-shirts in sight) when @JamminJason was stopped by another hotel guest. She and her family had met Jason more than a month before at a grocery store over 350 miles away! She recognized him immediately, called her family over to say “hello” and wanted a full update on our travels. Jason remembered her as well and reminisced about the store where they had all met; this is no small feat considering the thousands of people Jason interacts with – often in a grocery store setting! What a small world!

Then just this last week I was at a Kroger store on one of our last  days in Houston and a nice family wandered over to our Baby Loaf Bus. I stopped to chat with them and the first thing said was, “we saw you guys last year in Denver!” Wow! It’s a whole year later, we’re in a different state and they remembered us?!

We’ve just arrived in San Antonio and the only thing I am thinking about is, “which of my old Loaf Love friends will I get to see again soon?” Stop by and see us! The cheese is just as yummy, the smiles just as big, and we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

See you around San Antonio!


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