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On the Loaf Love Tour we get asked all sorts of fun questions. The most popular questions are about the buses, but one rather funny question that I’ve been asked many times is if we actually sleep in the buses during the cheese tour! Well, the answer is: no, we stay in hotels. A. Lot. Of. Hotels.

This week we’ll check into our seventeenth hotel since hittin’ the road on February 1 about twenty weeks ago. A few of our hotel stays are just for one night when we’re transiting from state to state, but some stays are as long as two or three weeks. Our longest stay thus far was twenty four nights in Houston. As any of us would tell you, it’s pretty unusual staying in a hotel that long.

All this moving around means constantly moving your luggage. Not only do all of us carry a suitcase with clothes and a backpack with our laptops, but most of us also carry what we’ve coined as a “food bag.” My food bag is a reusable grocery bag filled with a couple kitchen utensils, Tupperware containers and a huge Ziplock baggie filled with condiments I’ve collected from each hotel! I’m also usually toting a box (or two) of crackers because I have to have something to go with the endless supply of tasty Tillamook Cheese (that is a great perk of being on the LLT!). My fellow Brand Ambassador Peppercorny Pakou’s “food bag” should really be called a “sauce bag.” This girl loves to cook up all sorts of yummy Asian food so she’s usually hauling ten or twelve bottles of different sauces to use when we have kitchens in our hotel rooms. Always active Cheddar Coy and Jammin Jason carry sports equipment along with their clothes in their luggage! The lightest packer by far is Dandy Andy with just one single bag!

When we check into each new hotel one of the first things I do is run to the bathroom and check out what kind of shampoo and conditioner I’ll be using for the stay. It’s a small thing, but I get really excited when it’s something special! Then I usually plop on the bed to check out what I’ll be sleeping on after long days of handing out free Tillamook samples.

One thing I always try to avoid, especially when I’ve just check into a new room, is having to tear my neatly packed luggage apart. Usually what happens is that I’m looking for just one small item like a particular lipgloss or a pair of gloves and suddenly I can’t remember where in the world I stashed it in. Often times this is when Hurricane Noelle will surface and all of the sudden my bags are ripped apart while I was searching for the lost item and my room is left looking like a big mess! I do get a little better at packing with each move so by the end of the tour hopefully this doesn’t happen anymore!

It’s a funny thing to say you live in hotels, but that really is what it’s like out here on the road. It’s a pretty unique experience and one I’ll probably never have again so I try to really embrace the challenge of constantly re-packing my bags and enjoy and appreciate all the little hotel perks like clean folded towels, freshly made beds, and the mini bottles of shampoo!

Comin’ to a hotel near you,
Noelle Loaf Love Tour

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