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Brand Ambassador Noelle and me with a stingray!

Saturday was a great day for everyone wearing orange in Long Beach, California. The Loaf Love Tour visited the Aquarium of the Pacific, and we were met by Tillamook fans showing off our favorite color. The first 100 people wearing orange were happy to receive free admission to the aquarium (and lots of tasty cheese samples, of course!). The day was perfect: we had beautiful weather and a gorgeous view of the lighthouse atop the hill at Shoreline Park.  The masts from a schooner in the harbor towered amongst the palm trees and reminded me of the Morning Star of Tillamook, the schooner that graces all of our cheese labels and the front of our Baby Loaf buses.  I truly “loaf” our sailing vessel, as it reminds us of the history and tradition of Tillamook and it makes me think of fond memories I have sailing tall ships prior to driving short buses on the Loaf Love Tour!

Meanwhile, inside the aquarium, Loafy was a splash with families, schools of students, and schools of fish. Loafy even made a new friend with a stingray, and I took my photo with it!

As the day progressed, the orange outfits were replaced with masks, beads, face paint, and outrageous costumes. The Mardi Gras celebration was beginning, and we had lots of “Loaf” buttons to add to the outfits! The Mardi Gras parade started at the Aquarium, and Loafy brought lots of smiles and energy to the festivities. Meanwhile, I used up most of my energy attempting to run ahead to catch Loafy on film and video. This was quite the task because Loafy was surrounded with many excited Loafy lovers!

I hope sharks don’t eat cheese…

As the sun was dropping over the water, we shared our last conversations of the day with new and old Tillamook fans. What a perfect beginning to our time in Orange County and L.A. We are looking forward to the next 2 1/2 months in this area and to reporting back with more stories from the road…

-Andrea, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador

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