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This crew of friendly faces will be bringing Tillamook Cheese to San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Tyler, Houston, Lubbock, San Francisco and Sacramento this year! Learn more about the Tillamook Tour and where to find us here!

Matt M.
Guess who’s back, it’s Monterey Matt! I’m excited for year two and ready to bring all the tasty goodness to Texas and Northern California. If you visited the tour last year, please stop by again and say Hi! I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces and cheesy personalities. Cheers to 2014 Tillamook friends!

Tayler H.
My name is Tayler and I was born and raised in Kennewick, Washington. Growing up with two older brothers led me to the strong person I am today. I went to Linfield College where I studied marketing and was a member of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. My favorite Tillamook Cheese is Medium Cheddar and on a normal day I’m usually in the kitchen cooking up something tasty or reading magazines checking out the latest fashions. I love Tillamook Cheese because it’s local and I’m a big supporter of local farmers and knowing exactly where my food comes from.

Anna S.
Hi! I’m Anna and I’m originally from Northern Minnesota. I moved out to Oregon in 2008 to attend the University of Oregon and loved the Pacific Northwest so much that I decided to move to Portland after I graduated. I love to run, read crime fiction and am a HUGE dog lover. I love the taste of Tillamook Cheese, the quality and the story behind it. I’m excited to be representing such a wonderful company and can’t wait to meet all of our fellow cheese lovers!

Rebecca P.
Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m excited to head out with the cheese team! I recently moved home to Portland after almost three years of living abroad. As many fantastic places as I’ve been able to see, I’m excited to be getting back to the Pacific NW and represent Tillamook Cheese on tour. The cheese is tasty good and I can’t week to meet you all!

Sierra S.
Hi cheesy friends! I’m Sierra and I am on the Tillamook Cheese tour this year! I am so excited to travel to Texas and bring our cheese to the South. My personal favorite type of cheese is Vintage White Extra Sharp. YUM! I’ve been eating Tillamook Cheese all my life!

Shaun W.
My parents raised my two sisters and I in deep central Africa. When I was eight, we moved to Oregon where I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and finally learned where good cheese comes from. I have been blessed with opportunities to travel the world, but in those travels I have not found a better product than Tillamook. It is an honor to represent a brand dedicated to the highest degree of quality. See you on the road!

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