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*Cue mariachi music* November 6th is National Nacho Day! There’s nothing like crispy tortilla chips smothered in Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese, and Tillamook wants you to have the cheesiest nachos EVER on National Nacho Day by holding another Golden Ticket event! On November 6th visit The Loaf Love Tour  at one of three stores in Austin, Texas and Orange County, California for your chance to win a cheesy surprise! If you find one of our Golden Tickets hidden in a Loaf Love Tour store on November 6th we’ll give you a head start with nacho day with a free 1-pound loaf of cheese.


You have a chance to win EVERY hour from 12PM-6PM! Our loaf love ambassadors will guide you to cheesy deliciousness with clues to finding tickets hourly. So if you walk down the tortilla chip aisle, and spot a shiny golden ticket, take it to the Tillamook Brand Ambassadors to claim your prize. Need a hint for finding our tickets? Look for it among typical nacho ingredients. If you’re extra sharp you already know the produce section is key for this. Who doesn’t layer their nachos with pieces of tomatoes, onions, and lettuce? Or maybe you’ll find it with the spices that give your dish that extra zing! Keep both eyes on the lookout because if you can’t find our tickets it’ll be not-cho-cheese!

Find out what stores we will be at , and make sure to check out our Tillamook Naturally Aged Queso recipe because the mariachi won’t play without their Tillamook naturally aged Queso! Vamos folks, our tilla’tastic ambassadors will have cheese samples and silly smile sticks for you and your friends! Bring Americas Best Sharp Cheddar to your fiesta, the tortilla chips deserve it! YOU deserve it!

Post by Elida Cheddar and Habanero Hunter

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