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It’s time for the big BSC National Championship game! What are you snacking on tonight?

I’m not much for sports, but I love game-day entertaining. I want guests to feel comfortable, have a great time, and enjoy extra tasty snacks while they’re watching the game at my house. Tonight I’m assembling a slider burger bar so my guests can create their own mini masterpieces! The slider bar will be full of yummy spreads, toppings, vegetables – and my favorite new addition, Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese Mini Slices. The Tillamook Mini Slices are perfectly sized and convenient for cheesy, bite-size burgers. I just love that I can get my favorite cheese (not to mention the World’s BEST cheese) in miniature pre-cut slices!

This home entertainer’s job just got a lot easier thanks to Tillamook. So easy, in fact, that I might just might have time to actually watch the game….

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