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As a Tillamook Cheese Brand Ambassador, you get to interact with thousands of amazing people every week. Everyone has their own unique story, and we love hearing what everyone has to share, especially when it involves a memory of Tillamook Cheese! One thing I love about Tillamook products is that there are endless ways to enjoy them. I absolutely love hearing when someone has a new, creative, or delicious way to put one of our products to good use. What makes it even better, is when it’s simple. These 3 ideas have been my absolute favorites of the year!

Everybody knows that the more you buy, the better savings you receive. The problem is that when you’re only feeding a few people, some of those bigger packages that are such a great deal, don’t stay fresh long enough to be used completely. That was exactly the case when I saw our 5 pound bags of shreds. It was an amazing price for pre-shredded cheese, but how could someone use all that cheese in a short amount of time? Luckily it only took a few questions to people at the grocery store to find out the answer, freeze it! Apparently when you freeze a bag of shredded cheese, the shreds stay mostly separated, and you are able to just pull handfuls of cheese from your bag of frozen cheese shreds! Just sprinkle that handful of frozen cheese shreds on your favorite dish, heat up the whole dish, and you’re good to go! Most people I talked to said they do this, and they can pull from the same package for months. It may change the texture a tiny bit, but it will still be delicious!

The taste, and texture of our Medium Cheddar Cheese can’t be beat (it WAS voted the World’s Best Medium Cheddar Cheese after all). It is an all around delicious cheese, and I love how you can use it in just about any dish that calls for cheese, and it turns out great. Although while we were in Texas, we found out that our Pepper Jack Cheese was the real winner there. Texans love their spice, and our pepper jack hit the spot for them. We found a lot of people that took recipes that you would normally call for all cheddar cheese – like mac and cheese – and they started substituting a third, or even half of the cheddar cheese for some pepper jack! It adds a little extra spice, and creaminess to whatever dish you’re cooking up, and every time I’ve tried it, it’s turned out amazing! I personally use this combo every morning in my scrambled eggs, and it is my new favorite.

I’ve previously confessed that I have just about the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. So as soon as I heard this idea, I knew I would love it! As most people have noticed, self serve frozen yogurt places are all the rage right now. It’s a lower calorie way to satisfy your frozen treat craving. People have even started making their own Tillamook frozen yogurt! All you need to do is pop a couple of your favorite Tillamook Yogurt flavors (Country Orange Cream anybody?) into the freezer, wait over night, and next thing you know you have a delicious treat, with a lot fewer calories.

Those are my 3 new favorite ways to use Tillamook products! What are yours? Be sure to let us know in the comments, or by telling us on Twitter: @TillamookCheese and @CheddarCoy

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