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Amanda’s two sun-loving girls enjoying a Tillamook picnic

With so many fantastic picnic-goers it was hard to pick just one winner. The creativity of Tillamook fans appears to be endless and picnics are no exception. While there were so many picnics worthy of the win, we could only choose one. We are thrilled to announce that Amanda and her two sun-loving girls are the winners of our Picnic Photo Contest.

“My girls LOVE cheese! These hot summer days are perfect for snacking in the backyard…..They love being in the sun and having fun! (Even the baby loaf in the picture does!!!!)” – Amanda

Can you spy where I am in this picture (pssst, look for the Baby Loaf)?

If you’re inspired to create your own picnic, you should pack your basket, grab a blanket, hit the outdoors, and follow these tips from Kendall’s Entertaining Life.


Lizzie B.

Great photo Amanda!!!!

August 1st, 2012 at 10:39 pm
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