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If you have ever had passion for something, you’ll know why the newest Tillamook Kitchen chefs create some of the best food in Portland. They are passionate! About what they do. About where they’re from. About where they are. About eating local. And about good food. That’s a whole lotta passion and when you take it all and put it in one unbelievably good biscuit, or piece of fried chicken or bowl of grits…sit down. It’s that good!

If you live in Portland, I’m sure you’ve heard of them – you may have even been there. If you’re from out of town, you might have heard of them from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where they wowed Guy Fieri with their southern cookin’ done right in Portland, OR. Now you can learn about the guys that make it all possible and how their food is just so dang good (hint: it has something to do with passion.). Pine State Biscuits is joining the fold of great chefs on the Tillamook Kitchen. Show them a warm Tillamook welcome and eat some biscuits…and fried chicken…and grits…and honey…and fried okra…you hungry yet?

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