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Happy November! To help everyone get into the cooking and baking spirit, we decided gather up some staff family recipes and share one with you each day this month. Let Recipepalooza begin!

I’m kicking it off with a spread that has seen many a Thanksgiving and Christmas on my family’s appetizer table…made with love by my Grandfather. Here’s what he had to say about its origin:

“This recipe has been in the Duncan family for generations. The recipe is very simple, anyone can whip up a batch for any occasion. Actually I can’t remember a time when in my growing up years that there wasn’t a bowl of pimento cheese in the refrigerator. We ate it for snacks, on toast with breakfast and at every party. I know that my grandparents made the recipe and the only living sibling I have is my elder sister, Frances, at 95, who still makes the recipe. Since I was the one in my own family who made the recipe, it has been passed on to each of my children and on to grandchildren. Somehow it got renamed as ‘Grandpa Cheese’ for the great grandchildren. You can use this simple recipe to start your own family tradition. You’ll love it and so will those for whom you make it.” ~ William J. Duncan


1 8-ounce package Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 jar of pimentos, finely chopped
seasoning salt to taste
1 cup mayonnaise

Finely grate the cheese. Add pimentos, seasoning salt, and mayonnaise to your liking. Spread on your favorite crackers or crusty baguette slices.

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