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Being a Brand Ambassador on the Loaf Love Tour, I can tell you that there is never a dull moment, even when we are traveling from city to city. We have found some very creative ways to entertain one another while covering the long, grueling hauls on the road. But before we actually begin our journey, we have to make sure our Yums are secured in the Daddy Loaf. This is the dreaded process known as “strapping.” After many hours of trial and error, sweat and tears, our Brand Ambassadors have become professionals at securing the Yums in our beloved Daddy Loaf. Once the strapping is complete, we are ready to move on to the next city.

Loaf Love bus

Hard at work

One of the necessities of a good road trip is food, and we Brand Ambassadors have healthy appetites. Whether it’s cheese and crackers, pounds of candy, or day old pizza warmed up ever so slightly by the brutal Texas sun, we Brand Ambassadors vow to never go hungry while on the road. Second to food is the music. Thanks to Cheddar Coy’s auxiliary cord, the Brand Ambassadors take turns streaming music from their phones (the exception being me, Dandy Andy, the only crew member who does not have a smart phone). Every time we cross the border and see the state sign, we stop the vehicle and take a cheesy photo in front of it.

New Mexico

Cheesy even when we're off-duty

One of the more popular games we play in the car is “guess what Disney character I am.”  What you do is think of a Disney character (a lesser known one is best) and the group has to ask yes or no questions until they figure out who the Disney character is. To this day, Tillatastic Ash is the only one to stump the group. Another popular way to entertain each other is taking photos of people when they fall asleep. It wasn’t until this trip to Colorado that they finally got me. About two hours from Amarillo, TX, I dozed off. Huge mistake. TillaMaya was there immediately to get a quick pic. Don’t worry, though, I still have several months left to get TillaMaya back.

Sleeping Andy

I'm surprised their laughing didn't wake me up

Farewell Texas, you have been kind to us. Colorado, we’re glad to be here!

-Dandy Andy

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