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There’s a lot of talk about back to school right now and while the clothes, backpacks, and new school supplies were always my favorite part, it also means we get to start studying soon! Last weekend at the San Francisco Zoo, Tillamook helped some kids kick start their studying efforts by providing a fun fill-in-the blanks game about their day at the zoo. It is a fun and educational game that families can play with the kids and the prize was pretty awesome as well – a YEAR’S SUPPLY OF TILLAMOOK CHEESE! With such a fun prize, people submitted fantastic entries, but there could only be one winner! Thank you to everyone who entered, we hope you enjoyed your cheese and smiles at the San Francisco Zoo!

Annie Teng was the winner of the year’s supply of cheese with her fantastic story. I mean, who doesn’t love smiling monkeys and bite-sized Tillamook sandwiches?!

Are you ready for a “good” day at the zoo? Make sure you wave to the “polar bears” and they might just “wave”. Ask your “parents” to take your “picture”, then smile and say, “cheese”! If that makes you hungry, nibble on some Tillamook Cheese or a bite-sized “cookies”. Did you know that a “koala” absolutely loves to eat “yogurt”? Have a fun day at the “petting” zoo!

If you want a chance to win a year’s supply of cheese make sure you visit the Loaf Love Tour when we visit the Los Angeles Zoo on 9.15 for your chance to get creative and win some cheese!

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