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“I am having a party and plan to serve Tillamook Ice Cream, how much ice cream will I need?”

It’s a real conundrum, how do you make sure to have enough ice cream to feed everyone, but not so much that you end up with 6 full cartons in your freezer when the party is over (not like that would be a bad thing)?

We get this question all the time, so we came up with a quick calculation that should help! A standard ice cream scoop is about 4oz, so with one 1.75qt container you should be able to serve (approximately) 14 (4oz) scoops. Keep in mind every scooper scoops differently, so if your ice cream scooper is liberal with their scoops, you will want to account for that!

I generally allow two scoops per person, so with the 4oz calculation from above, that would be 7 ice cream beneficiaries per carton, however, I am one of those liberal scoopers I was mentioning above, so to play it safe I estimate about 6 ice cream beneficiaries per carton.

Keep in mind, the above calculation doesn’t account for cake or pie being served! If you’re going to be serving other sweet treats with your Tillamook Ice Cream, I would scale back and only serve one scoop per person, making the number of scoops per carton go up to 12 (remember, play it safe and assume you are going to over serve a few of those scoops!).

In summary:
Ice Cream Only: 6 servings per carton.
Ice Cream served with other sweet treats: 12 servings per carton.

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