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Loaf Love Pyramid

For the record, our “Day of Loaf” in the Orange County area has been by far one of my favorite days on the Loaf Love Tour… so far, at least!  We started the day early by unloading the Tillamook Baby Loaf buses and driving to Angel Stadium (which I’ve become very familiar with since my daily running trail loops around the stadium). We took some pictures and video of the buses in front of the stadium, then we wanted to do some group photos.  I got super excited and talked the team into doing a pyramid photo! Lucky for us, our Brand Manager Susan was a college cheerleader so she was able to instruct us on how to properly execute ‘The Loaf Love Pyramid.’

After we took some cheesy photos around town, we headed out to Huntington Beach.  The Baby Loaf bus caravan certainly made lots of heads turn as we drove around the beach area. Talk about feeling like a big deal! It’s not every day you see groups of people shuffling through their bags to find their cameras and phones to snap photos of you driving… I loved it! We parked our buses and enjoyed a team lunch at Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s (a recommendation given to us by one of our Twitter followers – thanks to them)!  I enjoyed my ninth order of fish tacos since the tour began. I just can’t get enough of them.  After lunch and pictures, we cruised down to Newport Beach, all the while hearing honks from smiling drivers and loud hollers from bystanders informing us how much they love Tillamook Cheese.

Newport Beach was awesome. I may be a little biased since I’m from Newport, OR and naturally felt connected to this little coastal community.  People came up to us and shared their Tillamook stories and truly seemed so happy to see us down in their neck of the woods!  I love hearing how much people love Tillamook and seeing the excitement in them when they talk about their experiences with our product. It’s just another reminder to me of how lucky and happy I am to be a Tillamook Cheese Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador!

Loafin’ My Time in Orange County,
-Jenn, Loaf Love Tour Ambassador

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