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It is always a challenge to keep up a healthy lifestyle on the road with the Loaf Love Tour. After all, we’re surrounded by cheese and all sorts of yummy recipes. Not to mention Tillamook Ice Cream, which hits the spot after a summer day on tour! Rather than giving up an ounce of my favorite foods, I’m always looking for ways to burn calories.

Luckily, most hotels have some type of workout room or a pool, which helps, but since we brand ambassadors are always resourceful, I have integrated cheese lifting into my workout. No one ever said weight plates are the only way to body build!

The LLT workout routine

As I was looking around my hotel room one morning, I realized that a cooler with cheese would be a great weight lifting tool! I loaded two bags of Tillamook Cheese of each sampling variety: Monterey Jack, our World’s Best Medium Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, and, of course, Pepper Jack (which gives the whole workout an extra kick, I think). Estimating each bag to be about 3.3 lbs, that is over 26 lbs of cheese alone! Add in the weight of the cooler and ice and I’ve got 50 lbs to work my legs and core. By the end of this workout you better believe my legs and upper body are begging for some protein. Which is easy to obtain! Open up the cooler, and bam! All sorts of protein in there. So not only does it serve as workout equipment, but also as a source of nutrition.

A few days a week, I do 3 sets (10 reps each) of these by stepping up on a chair or ottoman. I’ve also picked up ottomans, and I do “boxer abs” by sitting and leaning back while twisting at the waist.  Great for abs and core! Sit ups and inverted push ups (with my legs on the bed) round out my time in my personal workout gym AKA my hotel room. Its the ultimate cheesy workout circuit. Throw in some jogging in our great Northwest locations and I’ll be in the best shape of my life and having a fantastic time on tour! We just reached Seattle and we’ll be here sampling cheese and meeting Tillamook fans until August 23. I’m looking forward to heading out to run and bike to explore this great city! Check the tour schedule for a detailed list of stops!

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