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Did you know that Tillamook Sliced Cheeses come in different sizes? 12 oz. stacked are 1 ounce slices, the shingle and the 2 pound packages are ¾ ounce slices. So you can choose what size of Tillamook Cheese works for your recipe!  Personally I prefer the 1 ounce slices for melting on hamburgers and in grilled sandwiches.  The slice is perfect for that cheesy flavor and gooey texture I want to taste and see in my sandwiches!

A family favorite is using more than one flavor of cheese in your burger. Try a slice of Sharp and a slice of Provolone!  The mild buttery flavor of the Provolone and the full flavor of the Sharp is delicious together and adds a new dimension of flavor to your burger!   I love turkey burgers and the occasional veggie burger!  To add a kick of flavor to these more mild patties I use a slice of Tillamook Medium Cheddar and a slice of Tillamook Pepper Jack!  The nuttiness of the Cheddar and the spicy kick of the Pepper Jack is a perfect addition.

What are your favorite cheese combinations on your grilled sandwiches or burgers? Come on, don’t be shy! Share your secret Tillamook Cheese combos!

~ Kathy of the Tillamook Team

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