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The countdown to summer has officially begun (but hey, who’s counting!?). We can almost taste all of the fresh fruit that’s about to burst into season—and onto our yogurt!

Inspired by the season and our natural yogurt, we’re on a mission to #GoNatural with our Summer Berry Bucket List. That’s right, we’re pairing our yogurt with the freshest berries of the season—and we’re not stopping ‘til we’ve had them all! Light Oregon Strawberry Tillamook Yogurt with fresh blueberries in the redwoods? Yes please! Lowfat Marionberry with strawberries in the park? Of course, it’s only natural!

Stay tuned for more info about our Summer Berry Bucket List and ways you can pair the season’s best with Tillamook Yogurt and unexpected outdoor places. In the meantime, let us know which summer berry you’re most excited for at or on Twitter @TillamookCheese using #GoNatural.

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