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For those of us working moms, summer doesn’t necessarily feel more relaxing than the school year. In fact, it can seem even more stressful … keeping up with crazy summer camp schedules that change each week and making sure the kiddos get where they need to be and have fun doing it. We’re still packing lunches each day and need to make sure there are enough energy-boosting healthy options for the wee ones to get through what are usually much more active days in the summer. For my two dairy loving boys (who am I kidding, they love food in general), there is no shortage of Tillamook snacking and lunching in the summer. Here are a couple of our favorite tricks of the trade:


Cheesy Toast Breakfast
I love working cheese into breakfast because it gives my boys a quick power of protein to get through the morning until lunch time. A favorite in our house is simple and quick… slice up some Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese and lay on top of our favorite multi-grain bread. Pop in the toaster oven cheese side up (or regular oven under the broiler if you don’t have the oven kind of toaster) and toast until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melty, usually just a couple of minutes. Slice up some fruit on the side (which sometimes the creative kiddos stack on top of the cheesy toast), and breakfast is served!


Fro-Yo Lunch Box Style
Packing lunches that contain healthy, but good tasting options when there usually isn’t a refrigerator involved (most camps don’t refrigerate kids’ lunch boxes) can be a tricky prospect. We’ve gotten creative in our house and the night before camp, we’ll sometimes stick a Tillamook Yogurt (Oregon Strawberry is my 7-year-old’s flavor of choice) into the freezer. In the morning, it’s frozen solid. Pop it in the lunchbox and by lunchtime it’s defrosted enough to eat, often with a still frozen yogurt-like texture that can almost pass as dessert in a kids’ mind! And, the frozen yogurt cup serves double duty keeping the rest of the lunch cold, too. Can’t have those Tilla-Moos getting warm in there.

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