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It’s another Northeastern Super Bowl this year. In a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, the New England Patriots will be taking on the New York Giants. The last time these two teams met there was a perfect season on the line for the Patriots but the Giants snuffed that historic opportunity with an unlikely 17-14 victory. This year, you better believe the Pats haven’t forgotten the loss and that memory should make for a GREAT game next Sunday.

Even though us West Coasters don’t have a team in the game, it’s always a good excuse to have friends over for some food, beer and a friendly game of “oops I didn’t mean to tackle you” two hand touch. We’ll be featuring a recipe a day on until the big game on the Loaf Life Blog. Here’s number one!

When my friends and I get together for games, the spread resembles something similar to a tailgate party; chili, Tillamook Cheese, crackers, potato chips and beer cover the counters and table. However, since I don’t have any amazing chili recipes to share, I’m going to divulge a deep, dark Schaeffer secret with you – Burrito In a Pan. This staple only rears its lovely face when my wife is out with the girls, as it is true bachelor food.

The idea for this masterful concoction was born – like many great ideas – out of laziness. When I was in college I despised doing dishes (still do). So when cooking I’d use as few kitchen utensils as possible. The beauty of this dish is that you can literally dirty two items, a pan and a stirring spoon, and have an entire meal. Like many things in college, this recipe is not an exact science, so please alter it as your taste buds require.

You’ll need refried beans (I’m partial to Rosarita), lettuce, Tillamook Sour Cream, tortillas, pre-sliced black olives, cilantro and Shredded Tillamook Cheese.

Rinse three or four leaves of lettuce, tear them in pieces and set aside to dry. Do the same with the cilantro. Heat the refried beans on a low simmer – they won’t take too long to cook. Add two medium sized scoops of Tillamook Sour Cream and stir. Add two or three handfuls of Tillamook Cheese (I always err on the side of more Tillamook), continuing to stir for a perfect melty consistency. Now take two tortillas and rip them into medium sized triangles – toss them in the mixture to soften. Now add the vegetables (we need to make sure it’s a healthy dish, right?) — olives, cilantro and lettuce. Add the cilantro and lettuce right before you’ll be eating the dish as it will wilt if cooked for too long and that’s just no good.

Take the pan off the burner and eat the contents using the stirring spoon. Two kitchen items dirtied – one minute clean-up. This would be a great dish for your super bowl party, but please feel free to serve using bowls, spoons and napkins…for your guests obviously.

If not Burrito In a Pan, what will you be serving next Sunday? We can’t wait to hear all about your culinary concoctions!

~ Matt of the Tillamook Team

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