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Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the chance to watch your favorite team fight the epic battle for the 2014 NFL Championship title. Who will be the last to stand with the Lombardi Trophy in hand? We will soon to find out!

As kick-off nears, we must prepare for the game – players and coaches on the field, and party hosts and keen snackers in the kitchen. After all, it takes some serious fuel to cheer on our players! Here are 11 victory dance worthy recipes to get into your groove and satisfy any appetite.

Dig in and enjoy!


Naturally Aged Queso
Smile big for this pot of gold. Leave it all on the field with this smooth and creamy dish that’s sure to please.


Fingerling Potato Skins
Leave the pigskin playing to the professionals and go all in with these delectable potato skins.


Stuffed Mushrooms with Pepper Jack Cheese
Strategy is not only important on the field, but also in feeding your guests. Stuffed mushrooms are the perfect strategic move for your party. Satisfying, but not too hearty or filling that your guests won’t be able to enjoy all of your dishes.


Tillamook Cheesy Bread
Give your pint-sized helpers and guests a reason for an end zone dance. This recipe is simple enough to get even the youngest football fans involved.


Tillamook Cheddar Buffalo Chicken Bites
What’s better than game time wings? How about Cheddar Buffalo Chicken Bites! These bite-sized balls are a boneless mess-less spin on the traditional hot wing, and they might just be your winning play.


Stuffed Popper Sliders                                     
Defense plays by these rules on the field: Anticipate, dominate, and devastate. So we say, anticipate hungry crowds, dominate hungry bellies, and rock tastebuds with this devastatingly awesome flavor combo.


Beer Floats
Thirsty!? Time to stretch your legs, refill your refreshments, and treat yourself a little with this halftime fill-up. Give yourself a chance to mull over the first half of the game as you sip this twist on the classic root beer float.


Dipping Quesadillas
Enjoy the halftime performance with these yummy dippable quesadillas. Spice ‘em up with some Red Hot Chili Peppers, or make like Bruno Mars and enjoy ‘Just the Way They Are’!


Pear & Muenster Flatbread
Players come in all shapes and sizes, united by their love of the game and desire to win. This flatbread is united with the rest of the recipe lineup with its cheesy goodness and strong will to satisfy.


Tillamook Spinach Artichoke Dip
Begin the huddle around this savory and warm home-cooked delight. Chips in, go team!


Tillamook Football Woopie Pies
Victory is sweet, isn’t it!? Finish the game with a gratifying touchdown in your mouth.

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