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It’s always fun for the Brand Ambassadors to see Tilla-fans on the road, otherwise known as Super Fans. It’s even better when those fans keep visiting the tour each year and continue to share their loaf of Tillamook with the team.

Back in 2010, Sadie, a native of San Antonio had never heard of Tillamook Cheese. One day when Sadie and her mom went to their local grocery store, they saw the Loaf Love Tour and its cheesy Brand Ambassadors. With just one taste of our award-winning cheese, they fell in loaf.


“I just tried the Pepper Jack and it was the best cheese I ever tasted,” said Sadie. That day, they got their picture taken near the baby loaf bus and took home their very first package of Tillamook Cheese.

Fast forward three years later to May 2013, and the Loaf Love Tour was back in San Antonio. Sadie and her mom, Leslie, went to to see when the tour would be near them so they could come visit again! Soon after, Sadie and Leslie went to the grocery store and saw the little orange bus parked outside.  It was so exciting for the Brand Ambassadors to see Sadie walking up to the kiosk wearing a Tillamook t-shirt. She looked just like a Tillamook Brand Ambassador in training! Sadie and Leslie were excited to see our new Tillatruck and snack on some delicious cheese. They event signed up for Tillamook’s Cheesy News so they could keep up with all things Tillamook. Sadie and her family are Super Fans for life and we loaf that!


In Sacramento, we ran into a very special fan during the Loaf Love Tour’s visit to Sacramento. We could tell he was a huge Tilla-fan when he walked in looking “Extra Sharp” in a Tillamook T-shirt and Oregon ball-cap. He came to Bel Air Markets just to see our Baby Loaf Bus which was located in the store’s produce section. When we heard this phenomenal fan story and saw Tim’s legendary cheese axe, we knew we’d found our Super Fan of the market.


Every birthday Tim receives a loaf of Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese. He has loved Tillamook his entire life, and his parent’s buy all of Tillamook’s dairy products. On Tim’s twelfth birthday, his family decided one loaf of cheese just wasn’t enough, so they decided to give him the entire cheese factory. His family surprised him by driving him twelve hours from Roseville, California to our factory in Tillamook, Oregon. Understanding the effort Tim’s family put into his birthday present, they received a personalized tour from Vicki, a Tillamook manager. She walked them through the entire facility answering any cheesy questions they had. Tim’s dream in life is to grow up and be an engineer, and Vicki said maybe someday he could work for the factory and help them make cheese even more efficiently.

One year later, Tim’s shop class made electric guitars. With cheese still on his mind, Tim decided that the only guitar he wanted to have was a cheese guitar, so that’s what he made. The guitar is the color of our Medium Cheddar (after 3 attempts of mixing paint colors at the hardware store to exactly match a slice of Tillamook Cheese). The guitar is shaped like a slice of cheese with a nice big bite taken out of it. Tim’s brother Bryant has played this cheese guitar in several bands, but Tim would rather shred cheese than shred on the guitar. He did say that if he ever ends up an engineer for Tillamook, he’d hang the guitar in his office.

Thanks, Tim & Sadie, for sharing your story with all of us on the Loaf Love Tour! 


Leslie Ellis

Thanks for Inga Mook and all of the Tillamook Brand Ambassadors! WE LOAF YOU! Sadie has such a great time meeting everyone at your Eat and Greets and we loaf Tillamook cheese. Thanks again and see you next time!

Leslie, Sadie's Mom

October 1st, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Tillamook Team

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for your comment! I'll be sure to pass along your kind words to our Loaf Love team. I'm so happy to hear Sadie had such a good time. Hope we see you again soon!

Stay cheesy,

Callie, of the Tillamook team

October 15th, 2013 at 9:05 am
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