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The Houston Zoo!

My buddy Loafy at the Houston Zoo!

The Loaf Love Tour is in Houston! What better to celebrate than treating all the Houston Zoo goers to some all natural Tillamook Cheese on Earth Day?

The zoo was buzzing with excitement from the get go. There was a little bit of everything going on. From the hundreds of people doing the “Walk With Me” 5k family fun walk, to all the kids running around trying to complete their Tillamook Cheese scavenger hunt bingo; I bet that even the animals could sense this was not your ordinary day at the zoo!

Not only was this an unusual day for the zoo, this was a special day for me too! I got the privilege of being Loafy’s handler. That means I was able to not only spend some quality time with everyone’s favorite loaf of Medium Cheddar Cheese, but I was also able to explore the amazing Houston Zoo. Loafy and I had some great moments, but I’d have to say our favorite was seeing Jonathan the lion! After seeing Jonathan’s big teeth, Loafy was hoping that lions didn’t like Tillamook Cheese as much as everyone else at the Zoo did!

After giving out more 9,000 samples of Tillamook Cheese, thousands of smile sticks, and countless coupon booklets, I’d have to say the kick off to our stay here in Houston was a total success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us! I’m excited to find out what else Houston has in store for the Loaf Love Tour.

– CheddarCoy

Samples, samples and more samples!

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