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Grilled cheese in a bus?! You’d better believe it! Some of our Facebook and Twitter fans had some burning questions to ask Matt Breslow, grilled cheese in a bus makin’ mastermind of Portland, Oregon’s Grilled Cheese Grill.

Q: What does he eat 4 his midnight snack? Since so many of us go for grilled cheese, does he still crave grilled cheese?

A: First of all, I do not still crave grilled cheese. After making soooooo many of them, they inevitably had to lose a few points on the cravability scale, and yes, that’s a word. However, any time I have given in and made myself one in the past year, as I’m eating it, I always think to myself, “Man this is a good sandwich, I should eat these more often!” So yes, I still love them, but the cravings have definitely subsided. I do have to plug my current favorite midnight snacks though. If I’m out, stopping by the late night cart lot in Southeast Portland at 12th and Hawthorne for a Whiffies Pie is a must.  If I’m home and hungry, my go-to snack right now is the jar of peanut butter (natural, chunky) and a bag of banana chips to use as “crackers”. Those two, and a little touch of honey from the little plastic honey bear. So good.

Q: If he could add only 1 special ingredient to a grilled cheese, what would it be?

A: Oh man, this is like asking what’s my favorite song? So hard to answer, just depends on the mood I’m in. So to simplify it, I’ll assume the parameters are that we’re talking about a classic white bread and Tillamook Cheddar sandwich. My all-time favorite ingredient to add to this sandwich are sliced pickles. Full sour, dill pickles. Those half-sour, “new” pickles don’t qualify as pickles to me. At the cart, we serve the best pickles I’ve had in Portland, but growing up in New Jersey, my mom always took us to a supermarket that had a huge pickle barrel at the deli counter, and she’d always give me a pickle, presumably to keep my quiet while I sat in the shopping cart, and those pickles were the greatest things ever soaked in brine. Ever. If I could put THOSE pickles in a grilled cheese, that would be heaven.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing he’s put into a grilled cheese?

A: This is an easy one. We make a burger at the cart called The Cheesus, which is a burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches on either side instead of a traditional bun. One night, we were asked to make one of the sandwiches with only peanut butter, no cheese. I looked at the guy like he was crazy, sounded kinda gross, but he insisted that peanut butter on a burger is one of the greatest unsung food pairings ever. On further thought, I figured I like cheeseburgers, and I love peanut butter, maybe this guy is onto something, so I decided to make one for myself not too long after. I was really expecting some magical melding of flavors, some new taste profile created by the pairing. Turns out it just tasted like a cheeseburger with peanut butter on it, and it was in fact pretty gross.

Q: What’s your favorite variety of apple to pair with Tillamook Cheese?

A: My all-time favorite apple for anything is the Braeburn apple. It’s the got the right crunch, the right consistency, the perfect sweetness level, and there never seems to be a mealy, bad one. And you know what one bad apple can do….

To learn more about Matt and Grilled Cheese Grilled, visit the Tillamook Kitchen. He’ll teach you how to make three of his favorite sandwiches; The Morton, the Quesus Cheeseburger and the Open Faced Grilled Cheese Benedict. Plus you’ll find recipes for seven more of The Grilled Cheese Grill’s specialties.

Do you have any more cheesy questions for Matt? Don’t be shy!

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