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There are so many ways Tillamook Cheese brings people together. I know from having met you on the road that our cheese and ice cream have created awesome memories for fans all around the country! What you might not realize is that a love of our dairy products can actually help people fall in loaf! I am lucky enough to have been witness to an amazing Loaf Love Tour tale. You see, it is a little tough to find your soulmate while out on the road so we take comfort in yummy goodness like grilled cheese sandwiches, gooey plates of mac ‘n cheese, and of course a finish of Grandma’s Cake Batter Ice Cream. However, last year during the Loaf Love Tour, one of our beloved Brand Ambassadors found a soulmate to pair perfectly with her love of cheese!

During our time touring through Northern California in 2011, Andrea stopped to ask a nice young man for directions and less than a year later we have heard from her that she is engaged!  Keep in mind that Andrea is an Oregonian in her heart, but an Ohioan by birth. The chances of her running into and then falling in loaf with this young man can only be a result of karmac cheesiness! With this wonderful news a tour legend has been created and a hope that our love of Tillamook brings loaf to us all.

Did your love of Tillamook help you fall in loaf? Tell us about it!

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