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It is no secret that the love of the road has been part of the American experience for years. For many it has been engrained in our consciousness since childhood. “Hit The Road Jack,” “Route 66,” “On The Road Again,” “Drive My Car,” are just a few of the many songs that have filled our heads with the love of the road. Heck even just yelling “Road Trip!” incites a knee-jerk reaction to get ready and “hit the gas.”

The road represents adventure, fun, and new experiences. And it’s Albertsons Market digital team’s love of fun and new experiences that makes us a huge fan of the Tillamook Loaf Love Tour. What’s not to like? An array of tasty cheese, chopped cheddar colored VW vans (my personal fav!), and a road trip that takes their adventurous team of Brand Ambassadors across the nation spreading their love of delicious Tillamook Cheese. It is a highly personal tour that is not only creative but fun as well. If you haven’t met up with the tour yet you should make it a point to do so. The samples and savings on Tillamook products are awesome!

It’s in the same spirit of the Loaf Love Tour that Albertsons Market launched the “Best Road Trip. Ever!” promotion. It is a digital road trip that is created through the creative stories of our customers as they describe their favorite trips of all time in an effort to win a new Ford car. Customers can enter stories, pictures and videos to add miles to the “journey.” We love customer stories at Albertsons Market so we decided to make the car prize get better as we get more entries. The more people that enter, the more miles are added to “the road trip” and the better the car prize gets.  We’ve already gone from a Ford Fiesta to a Mustang!

The road has a special place in the hearts of many. I’m sure our friends at Tillamook would agree as they cruise across the States spreading the love of cheese. At Albertsons Market we are trying to get you to the Loaf Love Tour in a sweet new car. Don’t forget to enter the “Best Road Trip. Ever!” promotion by August 31, 2012! Vroom, vroom!

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