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The ingredients – plenty of Tillamook!

There is nothing I love more than cheering on my fellow Americans competing in the Summer Olympics. Watching the world’s countries come together, each contributing their best to one single event, is thrilling. I get swept up in the excitement and start to think I missed my calling when I opted to play with my Easy Bake Oven instead of dedicating 12 hours a day to track & field or table tennis as an 8 year old.

I may not be able to represent my country in this year’s events, but I can bring nations together in my own little way. To celebrate the Olympics I am collecting the best of America and England, this year’s host nation, in my kitchen. Representing the United States of America after winning the World’s Best Medium Cheddar Cheese award is Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese, and for the United Kingdom I’ve selected the English muffin. (The English muffin was a clear choice given that it has the country name in its title.) The Olympic Games are all about bringing nations together, so I opted to make a grilled cheese using my two competitors.

Step one: Make English Muffins. Sure, you can buy them but making them seemed like an Olympic feat so I went for it. Using a recipe I found online I greased up my griddle and produced some pretty spongy muffins, if I do say so my self.

With the English muffins cooling on the rack, I grabbed America’s representative, Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese, and went to slicing. Although it wasn’t a team event, Tillamook Salted Butter made an appearance when I slathered it on the inside of my English muffin in preparation for the big event – grilling the sandwich. I opted to put the muffins on the griddle inside out because they were already pretty toasted on the outside.

English Muffin

Grilling on the griddle

One look at the final product and I knew I had created a grilled cheese worthy of any gold medal. If the Olympic committee opts to add competitive sandwich making into future Olympic Games, I am sure to obtain my childhood dream of representing my country. In the meantime, I will sit back, eat my tasty sandwich, and enjoy the blend that American and English products can create.

What English staples do you make with Tillamook products?

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