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Gift baskets are a fun, personalized way to give a gift, and I love putting them together. Hunting for the perfect mix of items for someone special is always exciting! But how do you make your basket look good? Follow these tips, and you’ll get it right every time:

1. Make sure that the basket (or whatever you are using) is the appropriate size. You’ll want the items to fit nicely, without a lot of room to slide or move around.

2. Fill the bottom of the basket with crumpled paper, decorative grass or fabric. You’ll want the items to be lifted, so you can see all of the goodies.

3. Start by placing tall items in the back.

4. Put the smaller items up front. Make sure that labels are turned to the front.

5. Once you have all the items in place, tuck extra grass or stuffing into gaps to stabilize the items.

6. Wrap the basket with cellophane. You’ll want about two and a half times the height of the basket.

7. Add the bow and voilà

~ Aimee of the Tillamook Team

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