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And the first place winner of our Tilla-La-La-La-Mook Holiday Lyric Contest is Michelle Baragona! Congratulations on winning a year’s supply of Tillamook Cheese for you and one year’s supply to gift! Here are the winning song lyrics (to the tune of “Up on the Rooftop”):

Out at the grocer, shoppers look
There’s the best cheese, Tillamook!
Chock full of flavor, from sharp to mild
So rich and tasty, it drives us wild!

Oh ho ho! Who doesn’t know? Oh ho ho! Who doesn’t know

Tilamook is Santa’s favorite cheese!
He likes it even better than cookies!

Loafy the Cheese Loaf is full of fun,
He brings a smile to everyone,
Spreading a cheesy Christmas cheer,
‘Cuz Tillamook’s a name we love to hear!

Oh ho ho! Who doesn’t know? Oh ho ho! Who doesn’t know

Tilamook is Santa’s favorite cheese!
He likes it even better than cookies!

Great job to our second place winner, Lauren Hasenoehrl too!  Here are Lauren’s song lyrics (to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”):

On the way, to the ocean,
We stop, by see cheese in motion,
The workers stand by and weigh cheese on the side,
Making samples for you and I.

Tillamook Cheese,
Can you taste it?
In your mouth,
So delicious,
So happy that’s right,
To be eating Tillamook tonight,
A block of cheese is all I need please.

There are so many kinds to choose from,
Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Squeaky, Sharp,
I’ll have so much fun collecting cheese cubes,
So forgive me if I eat an extra few.

Later on at the parlor,
Waffle cones make me holler,
Marionberry Pie,
A scoop of Mudslide,
My tummy will be thanking me!

And here it is beautifully performed by a cat.

And our third place winner is Cameron Quinn! Here are Cameron’s song lyrics (to the tune of “The Christmas Song” aka “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”):

Cheddar melting in your quesadilla,
Pepper Jack sprinkled o’r nachos,
Sour cream in a moist chocolate cake,
And yogurt free of high fructose…

Tillamook cows know good pasture and no growth hormones,
Make their dairy a delight.
With their ice-cream overflowing your cones,
Your sweet-tooths will be smiling bright.

You know that Tillamook is on its way,
with the best butter for your cookies this holiday.
And when your loved-ones come to laugh and feast,
They’ll find Tillamook on all your savory treats.

So from our families and communities,
a wish to last the whole year through:
May Tillamook bring, in all its tasty ways,
A Cheesy Christmas to you.

Thanks so much for everyone who entered the contest! Boy, our Tillamook fans sure do have a whey with words!

We’re so excited about our new Tillamook Carol that we decided to make things even more fun. Videotape yourself, your family, or your holiday cocktail party singing Michelle’s First Place Tilla-La-La-La-Mook Holiday Carol to the tune of “Up On the Rooftop”. Email a link to your video to by midnight December 18th. We’ll choose our favorite three videos and give out another round of prizes! We’ll announce the winners on December 19th.

Read the Official Rules.


  • 1st Place: A year’s supply of Tillamook Cheese x 2 – one for you and one to gift!
  • 2nd Place: A Tillamook Cheese Deli Counter Gift Box x 2 – one for you and one to gift!
  • 3rd Place: A Tillamook sweatshirt from our online store x 2! One for you and one to gift!

Have fun, and once again…good luck!



If you are looking for the most off key, embarrassing video we got one for you. Fortified, of course, by wine and Tillamook cheese! Just need to summon up the courage to submit!

December 15th, 2011 at 7:32 am


Tillamook Team

Hi Shannon,

Submit! Submit! We'd love to see your video!

-Laura of the Tillamook Team

December 15th, 2011 at 10:14 am
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