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Hooray! We received more than 80 amazing entries for our Tillamama Contest, and after much deliberation, we’ve selected our winners!

  • 1st place: Jane, who was nominated by her daughter Stephanie Sabin Galusha
  • 2nd place: Marian Scadden, who was nominated by her daughter Erin Scadden Tate
  • 3rd place: Antoinette Brunton, who was nominated by her husband Jonathan and daughter Natalia

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations again to our winners!

First Place Winner:

First place winner Jane and her daughter Stephanie

“Tradition, tradition! Tradition!” My Tillamama, Jane, is all about tradition! My mother raised her six children as a single mother, and so a trip to the beach was a grand and exciting adventure for all of us. I do not remember the first time we stopped in Tillamook and went to the cheese factory, but I know it stayed with me! It was so exciting to walk through the cheese-making process, get in line to sample all the different cheeses, pick out a special treat to take home with us, get some yummy ice cream! Of course, I cannot forget the “squeaky cheese!” It is my mother’s favorite treat from Tillamook and we always return home with a bag of it (or sometimes two!) Honestly, I do not recall a trip to the Oregon Coast where my family has not stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It is tradition for my family to stop there every time, and it is a tradition that we never want to break! We even made the trip to Tillamook just after my brother had passed away because the memories there made us feel closer to him (I had even bought a Tillamook beef stick for his birthday just before he died, no joke.) My most recent trip to Tillamook, in March 2012, was one week before I delivered my second baby. I just HAD to go before he arrived so I could get some cheese and a waffle cone! My neighbor came with me because she had never been there! When I asked my mother what she wanted me to bring home to her, she replied in a text message, “get me some squeaky cheese!” 🙂

I love my Mom! She deserves to win the title of Tillamama not only because of her loyalty to Tillamook cheese, but because of her love and loyalty to her family. She has always been there for all of us, has always worked so incredibly hard without being rewarded. She deserves to win the title of Tillamama because she is the most wonderful mother in the world and I would love to see her be publicly rewarded for being such a great mother. I would love to see her excitement at winning something; especially something she would put to good use. My Tillamama deserves the very best, and believe me, my family thinks Tillamook cheese is the very best!

Second Place Winner:

Erin’s creative entry for her mom, Marian

3rd Place Winner:

Third place winner Antoinette Brunton!

My mom is THE Tillamama and Biggest Fan!
Each week she has a shopping and cooking plan!
She fills her shopping cart with Tillamook Galore!
Each day we tell her “we want MORE!”
Tillamook butter for morning toast
and Tillamook yogurt is what I like the most!
Tillamook sour cream and Colby omelet
or maybe my mom will make nachos, I’ll bet!
Tillamook cheddar slices on hamburgers for lunch
the taste is the BEST and “Loaf” a whole bunch!
Tillamook shredded mozzarella on pizza a winner
I’m happy my mom will make it for dinner!
The best part of all is the Tillamook ice cream
our favorite Oregon Strawberry, Chocolate Peanutbutter, and Marionberry Pie are a heavenly dream!
Please, oh please crown my mom the ultimate Tillamama Queen!
Because she feeds us Tillamook for breakfast, supper, and all day in between!

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