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I was recently in a restaurant and overheard some people saying they were visiting from Denver. I thought, really? Why, of the places in the world to go, did you come to Oregon? I mean, I love my home state, but it reminded me how amazing this place is, and that I need to do a better job appreciating the place I live and all of the wonderful things it has to offer. Like cheese.

In another celebration of abundant NW bounty, Tillamook was a sponsor of The Oregon Cheese Guild’s ‘The Wedge’ event. With goat cheese, Cotija, Gouda, and of course cheddar, some of Oregon’s foremost dairy companies turned out to sample and sell their delicious products. Nearly 1,500 people came out to enjoy their favorite cheeses and Rogue Beer on a perfect fall day. What is your favorite part of living in Oregon, or what is your favorite part when you visit? If you’ve never been – come on up. We’d love to have you.

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