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The holiday season is upon us and it’s a chance to be merry with friends and family. That often takes the shape of a fun Christmas party, and have I got the perfect recipe for you to add to your holiday festivities: Tillamook Christmas Packages.

Are you ready?

Grate ½ pound Tillamook Cheese and blend with enough grapefruit juice so that it will blend easily with 1 cup of whipped cream. Season with paprika and salt to suit your taste. Soak 1 tablespoon of granulated gelatin in an additional 3 tablespoons grapefruit juice for 5 minutes, then melt over hot water, and add carefully to the cream and cheese mixture. Add finely chopped nuts, candied cherries, and any other desired candied fruit to suit your taste; put into a loaf pan and set in the refrigerator, or pack in ice and salt. When ready to serve cut into oblong pieces, place on a lettuce leaf and decorate with pimento stars as you would decorate a Christmas package. Affix a Christmas tag to each serving and use this as a place card. Pass French dressing separately.

This lovely recipe was in our 1934 edition of “Prize Winning Tillamook Whole Milk Cheese Recipes.” It was submitted by Mrs. Lee of Portland, Ore. Unfortunately, photos weren’t included in the recipe pamphlets at that time; you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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