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Vacations are the best, but sometimes it’s nice to find a surprise reminder of home. That’s exactly how I felt last week while on vacation in NYC. Even though I spent a few years living in New York after school, the big city is still a lot for this Oregon girl to take in! Finding Tillamook Cheese in grocery stores all over the city, made my vacation just that much better.

I was so excited to find Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese at my favorite grocery store, Zabar’s on the Upper East and the Upper West Side. I had to buy some to share with all my NYC friends, and I think I’ve got them hooked! In fact, many of the specialty grocery stores in New York carry at least one type of Tillamook Cheese, so if you’re on the hunt there is most likely some Tillamook nearby.

If you’re visiting New York City, and you’re craving a Tillamook Cheese Burger, head to The Counter in NYC. You can get a nice and melty slice of Tillamook Cheese on your burger while you settle in to your booth to watch the bright lights of Times Square. It’s the perfect late night post Broadway show meal!

If Time Square isn’t your style, keep it simple in Brooklyn by stopping into Bridge Fresh Deli in DUMBO. This small grocery store may not seem like much from the outside, but I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you walk inside, especially when you find the 3 year Vintage Extra Sharp Vintage White Cheddar in the cheese aisle!

Need some Tillamook in a hurry? Head to one of eight Whole Foods New York City locations to pick up some cheddar! From large grocery stores to corner bodegas, you just never know where Tillamook might be hiding in NYC. But chances are it’s not too far from where you are!

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