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A tomato and a cayenne pepper growing in Tillamook Ice Cream Buckets!

Do you have a yard that gets a lot of sun, but doesn’t have the space for gardening? If that’s the case you have to get a little creative to have a garden. Fortunately, Tillamook can help with a creative and affordable solution for you. Tillamook three gallon ice cream buckets can help you get started!

  • Get some Tillamook 3 gallon ice cream buckets at the Cheese Factory for just 50 cents each (note that availability does fluctuate so make sure to call before you go if you are making a special trip just for ice cream buckets: 1-855-LOAFLOVE [1-855-562-3568]).
  • Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom
  • Put some pebbles or some other material in the bottom of the buckets that will allow for good drainage (so the holes don’t clog!)
  • Add some soil and start planting!

Peppers, I found, work especially well in Tillamook Ice Cream buckets because they don’t mind when the soil dries out. In fact, they seemed to like it! What would you try growing in a Tillamook Ice Cream bucket?

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