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If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest wagon yet, we might have a good reason for you to do it very soon. You can now find Tillamook on Pinterest! Why, you ask, would a dairy company, be on Pinterest? Because there are so many cheesy things on Pinterest and we wanted to join in on the fun!

Looking for some yummy ways to use Tillamook Sour Cream? We’ve got some on Pinterest!

I’m sure you know about the Loaf Love Tour and our Baby Loaf Buses by now. So it’s pretty obvious that we love VW buses. How much do we love them? So much that we created a Pinterest Board of all things Volkswagon.

It’s so fun to discover pictures of the Cheese Factory that fans have taken. And now we can share them with you on our ‘Loaf Love From Tillamook Fans’ Pinterest Board.

We’ve got some amazing recipes online in our Tillamook Kitchen, but maybe you’re looking for something you’re not able to find on our website. We’ve got a solution for that! Check out our Grilled Cheese Recipes and Mac & Cheese Recipes Pinterest Boards. These recipes may not specify Tillamook products, but you can sure use them!

And last but not least, we are Pinning a whole slew of random cheese things — just for fun!

So if you’re not already addicted to Pinterest like we are, you might just want to check it out. You can request an Invite on, then find out more about how it works here. Once you have account, you can find us and follow individual Boards or all of our Boards with a click of a button.

Have fun Pinning!

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