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Our wonderful hosts

Since January 2011 I have been living on the road representing Tillamook Cheese for the Loaf Love Tour. During this time I’ve met literally thousands of people! Of course the vast majority are Tillamook fans, but I also meet many grocery store employees, staff from Tillamook, sales people, and food brokers. One of my very favorite people I’ve met on tour is Lynn Brown, the Tillamook broker here in Salt Lake City, Utah! Lynn makes sure there’s an abundance of Tillamook products available on local grocery store shelves for Utahns to eat and enjoy. He’s also made me and the rest of the Loaf Love crew feel right at home with his sincere thoughtfulness and hospitality! One of Lynn’s signature lines has gotta be, “You call me if you need anything!” and he really does mean it! He goes out of his way to make sure we’re all extra taken care of while in town.

In true Lynn spirit, last weekend he invited the whole Loaf Love crew over to his house for a Tillamook feast. As our time is winding down here in Utah I was really looking forward to spending time with Lynn and his family before sailing off to Northern California. They put on a tasty meal that did not disappoint. The feast started out with some veggies, dips and chips. They made a special salsa with shredded Tillamook Cheese mixed right in to go with tortilla chips. As my small contribution to the spread, I brought ranch dip made using Tillamook Sour Cream! The appetizers didn’t last for long before the main meal was laid out.

A couple weeks beforehand Lynn had found out that I don’t eat steak or chicken, so he made sure to get some fish for me and cook it well done, just how I like it. To go with the assortment of steak, chicken, and fish they also had salad, fresh corn on the cob with melty Tillamook Butter, and my favorite casserole ever that they called “funeral potatoes” topped with a generous layer of ooey gooey Tillamook Cheese. This was the extra special dish on the menu for me because my grandma makes the same thing and potatoes are my favorite food ever (right behind Tillamook Cheese, of course). I mean, how can you go wrong with potatoes and the World’s Best Medium Cheddar?! You pretty much can’t! Oh boy, everything was delllllllicious! My mouth is melting just thinking about it! Being hotel dwellers, a home-cooked meal is something we on the Loaf Love Tour crew DO NOT take for granted!

But it didn’t stop there…the meal was topped off with Sandy’s special homemade scratch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting served with a generous scoop of Tillamook French Vanilla Ice Cream. It was all amazing! My coworkers and I were all saying we hadn’t been that full since last Thanksgiving! In addition to an incredibly yummy meal, there was great conversation and a bit of relaxing, too. It was a wonderful afternoon! Thanks to Lynn and his generous family we all got to feel a little bit at home with a Tillamook filled feast. They even packed us up leftovers just like family would do!

Thank you, Lynn, for all you do to help us be successful and feel at home in Utah. We’ll miss ya!

See you soon Sacramento,

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Connie Opperman

Lynn and his family are the most generous people you could find. They would do anything for you. Such bubbly personalities. And I agreed very good cooks. I also agree Tillamook is a great product. My family enjoys the ice cream and my favoite is the Tillamook Black Wax Extra Sharp cheese.

August 6th, 2012 at 10:44 am


Hi Noelle,

It was our pleasure, You are welcome anytime!! You are a bunch of great people, Lynn and I wish you all the best!!

If you all get to Utah again, be sure to look us up!!

Good Luck in Cali!!

August 6th, 2012 at 11:09 am

Tillamook Team

We think Lynn and his family are pretty special and it sounds like they have some pretty good friends too! Thank you for being a Tillamook fan! This is my favorite sandwich with Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar! What do you think?

- Kelly of the Tillamook Team

August 7th, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Tillamook Team


Thanks for being such a wonderful host to our Loaf Love crew! We sure miss them in Oregon which makes it that much sweeter to know there are great people like you helping them to feel right at home!

- Kelly of the Tillamook Team

August 7th, 2012 at 12:21 pm
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