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I can eat Tillamook any time of day. Actually, let’s face it – I DO eat Tillamook any time of day! I use Tillamook for my everyday needs (cheese and egg toast, yogurt as a snack, ice cream for dessert…), but what can be done to make these everyday products a little more special? Well, here are some recipes to help out those of us who struggle to make things fancy!

– This Pear & Muenster Flatbread sure looks fancy, but it’s actually simple to make! What could be better than that?

– Until recently, I had considered truffle oil to be “too fancy” for me…but I was wrong! This Truffle Mac & Cheese recipe could be made for an ordinary dinner, or can make for a fancy side.

– Impress your guests with this Rum Roasted Pineapple recipe. Homemade frozen yogurt and roasted pineapple take it to a whole new level of delicious!

– Who doesn’t like something salty and chocolaty? This Tortoise Pie recipe is filled with caramel, covered with ganache, and decorated in pretzels. It’s as good as it sounds.

For more recipe inspiration, stop by the Tillamook Kitchen!

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