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Another great perk of Tillamook Yogurt based snacks: the cups sit perfectly in standard car cup holders!

As the school year kicks into high gear, so do fall sports.  From football to soccer, volleyball to cross country, kids have traded in their summer camp t-shirts and lazy afternoons at the pool for practice, practice, practice. As carpool duty takes on the added task of afternoon canteen for the kids between classes and cleats, it’s time to delve into the nutrition facts behind pre-practice snacks.

Healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks are the key to getting the nutrients needed to fuel the body to perform best during sports. Before practice, it’s important for your young athlete to get a dose of calcium and protein. Calcium is crucial for building strong bones. Strong bones resist breaking and stress fractures, keeping your kids out of casts and out of pain. Protein helps build and repair muscles, and also gives a natural energy boost. Dairy products are rich in both calcium and protein, and make for a good pre-practice or pre-game snack.

Fruit and whole grains are a great addition to dairy. Most fruit is chock full of nutrients and water, while whole grains are rich in fiber and will keep tummies fuller for longer. Here are some portable after-school snack ideas to help your Tillakid stay on the ball during practice.

– Whole grain crackers with slices of cheese

– Yogurt with apple slices to dip

– Yogurt with a granola bar to dip

– Apple slices and cheese cubes

– Yogurt fruit smoothie

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