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Chef Keegan Gerhard, featured in the Tillamook Kitchen, and his lovely and talented wife Lisa Bailey have just opened a new San Diego location for their much loved D Bar restaurant. This new location complements their original Denver, Colorado restaurant with the same dedication to phenomenal food and delicious desserts.

I had the good luck to join them for their opening night! Here are a few pics:


Keegan, doing some heavy lifting…


Kobe Sliders and Bacon Mac & Cheese (with tasty Tillamook Cheese!) top the new menu


Lisa, greeting guests and putting on the finishing touches

Chocolate Lollipops

Aren’t these gorgeous? Yes, they taste exactly how they look

Sugar Shirt

Sugar Shenanigans is right! I ate the most delicious chocolate of my life here – it was the green one on the left

Full House

It was a full house! We all stayed way past our bed time…

You know the best part about Keegan and Lisa? It doesn’t matter whether they are in the middle of opening a fabulous new restaurant or shooting TV shows or video recipes – they are always lovely and they always make sure you feel welcome, with a glass of something and a plate of something in hand. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this new D Bar adventure will have as much success as all their others.

Cheers Keegan and Lisa! San Diego is lucky to have you!

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