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Upgrade your lunch with this savory vegetarian sandwich! Pesto is one ingredient my kitchen is never without – I mean, it goes on just about everything! I’m not a big mayo or mustard fan, so I consider pesto my secret sandwich weapon of choice. This simple-to-make sandwich will satisfy your lunchtime hunger and totally beats out your average lunch.

One delicious sandwich

2 slices of bread (I used Dave’s Killer Bread’s Oregon Grains – a personal favorite!)
1-2 slices of Tillamook Swiss Cheese
1 tablespoons of pesto
3 slices of tomato
A handful of fresh spinach


Lay your cheese on top of one of the bread slices, and then spread your pesto on top. The cheese will serve as a barrier between your bread and the pesto to keep the bread from getting soggy before lunchtime. Lay your tomato slices on next, and then a layer of spinach leaves (again, these will help keep your sandwich from getting soggy!). Put the other piece of bread on top, and wrap in plastic or place in Tupperware until lunch, then enjoy!

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