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There’s a saying that butter makes everything better, and I tend to agree with that. But, after this Tillamook Test Kitchen on flavored butter, I think the saying might need to change to “flavored butter makes everything better”! Although they all didn’t turn out exactly how I hoped, I learned some new delicious combos. There are no exact measurements for these butters, I suggest just adding ingredients to suit your preferred taste. Also, if you don’t have a microwave for softening the butter, a hair dryer works great (yes, I really did bring my hair dryer into the kitchen)!


This one is exactly what it sounds like! Mix equal amount of mustard and butter (I used Tillamook Salted Butter) together. Super simple, but something I had never tried before. Great for sandwiches, crackers, or spread on a savory biscuit.


Honey, Tillamook Unsalted Butter, and a little bit of confectioners’ sugar goes a long way. This butter was more frosting like than butter like, but was delicious lightly spread on some warm toast. I won’t be rushing to make this one again, but it did taste great.


I love lemon… you can never go wrong with it. Add lemon, and thyme to Tillamook Salted Butter and you’ll have yourself a wonderful spread to add some flare to steamed vegetables or even meat like chicken or fish!



This was my disaster of the test. When Tillamook Unsalted Butter and blueberries are mixed together, they don’t combine very well! Also, blueberries don’t have a very strong taste, like some other fruits, and the berry flavor got a little lost in the butter. Next time, I’m going to try making a little sauce (little bit of water, sugar, and blueberries cooked together) and then mix that in with the butter. I think the texture and flavor will be much better that way.


I didn’t have high expectations for this one… really. We brainstormed it in the office and I thought it was going to be bland. Boy was I wrong. It was refreshing! The cucumber added a crisp taste to the butter (I used Tillamook Salted Butter) and next time I make a sandwich I will be using cucumber butter. Forget mayo!


Tillamook Unsalted Butter, chopped up dried apples, cinnamon, and a bit of brown sugar = yum! Don’t be stingy on the dried apples or cinnamon! If you’re into baking, trying rolling this up on some dough (like a cinnamon roll) and you won’t be disappointed! It’s also perfectly fit for any lonely piece of toast.


For this one I caramelized some scallions (yes, in butter) and added them to soft Tillamook Salted Butter. Sprinkle in a little cayenne pepper (or something less intense if you prefer) and you’re set. I really think that this could become the new “garlic butter” of French bread. I also think it would be a great addition to any pasta sauce or even a sandwich or burger!


If you lightly toast hazelnuts in a frying pan (or the oven!) it brings out a wonderful flavor. Chop them up and mix them in with Tillamook Unsalted Butter and a little bit of honey and it gets even better. This was my favorite flavored butter of them all! Just to make this one even more seasonal, I added some cranberry sauce to it and it was great! A delicious spread for all those leftover turkey sandwiches coming up!

These butters were simple to make and added some wonderful new flavors to my kitchen. This started as a test, but it’s already turned into a habit. What’s your favorite flavored butter to make?

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