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With the launch of our Cheese’wich App, we’ve been staring at so many photos of grilled cheese sandwiches that it left us hungry for the real thing. We experimented with making grilled cheese sandwiches on a Cuisinart sandwich grill. On the cheese list: Tillamook Medium Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheese. Let’s get grillin’.

The first sandwich we made was with Medium Cheddar. First we spread butter onto each slice of bread, then placed a generous slice of Medium Cheddar between the bread.

Onto the grill it goes!

Each sandwich took about 2-3 minutes in the grill.

Yum! Using Medium Cheddar makes a classic American grilled cheese sandwich.

Next we made a sandwich with Monterey Jack.

The Monterey Jack has a more subtle taste than Medium Cheddar. It was tasty by itself but might have been even better with a bowl of tomato soup.

Last we made a Pepper Jack grilled cheese.

We experimented with both white and wheat bread to see which suited Pepper Jack better. The wheat was a nice compliment to the zing of Pepper Jack cheese and came out as the winner!

We cut the sandwiches into small pieces so everyone could sample each kind.

In the end, we still liked the classic cheddar grilled cheese sandwich on white bread best. What kind of cheese do you like on your grilled cheese sandwiches?

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