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This past weekend, the Loaf Love Tour made its final zoo appearance of this year’s tour. Our zoo visits have been a favorite event for myself, the other brand ambassadors, and our Tillamook fans — the Denver Zoo was no exception! The first 200 fans that showed up wearing their brightest Tillamook orange were given free admission. Tillamook lovers arrived early to sample tasty cheese while viewing their favorite animals. One of the first orange-clad families we met arrived 45 minutes before the zoo opened. They had planned this event to be a fun outing for their entire extended family. We took a few great pictures of all nine of them in front of our Yum bus.

Many of our fans that have been following the Loaf Love Tour know that we have been cruising in the sun for almost the entire year. In anticipation of returning home in just a few weeks, we decided to bring a little of our Oregon weather with us to Denver. And by a “little”, I mean a full-blown Oregon-like downpour; the kind that keeps the grass at home green and our cows so happy. Yet, even when the zoo animals found shelter from the rain (and so did our Loafster Yum bus!), our dedicated fans never stopped sampling their favorite cheese!! As a brand ambassador, I never cease to be amazed by the dedication, loyalty, and enthusiasm of Tillamook fans. I was also surprised by a few visitors that we weren’t expecting — a resident peacock decided to check us out, and Loafy made an appearance as well! I can’t think of a better way to begin our time in Denver, or a better way to end our tour.

Post by Andrea, Loaf Love Tour Ambassador

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