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The Roast Dip Sandwich by Heidi Gibson of The AMERICAN Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Making a good grilled cheese is truly an art form. Sure, almost anyone can whip together a basic bread-butter-cheese sammich with a panini press. But to make a truly ooey-gooey, magically melty grilled cheese? Now that’s something you learn from the masters of melting.

Have you taken some time to explore the Tillamook Kitchen? It features a collection of awesome recipes by our partner chefs: Heidi Gibson of The AMERICAN Grilled Cheese Kitchen, Dave Danhi of the Grilled Cheese Truck, and Tommy Habetz of Bunk Sandwiches. The Tillamook Kitchen is packed full of amazing little tips and tricks from these pros. I love watching the video recipes – they’ll have you saying to yourself “Huh, I never would have thought of that!”

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, here are some tips and tricks I learned from our partner chefs that will help you make an amazing chef-quality grilled cheese:

– Mayonnaise helps prevent burning. Before grilling his sandwiches, Dave Danhi spreads a 50/50 mix of mayo and butter on the outside of both slices of bread. Dave says this mayo-butter mix helps keep the bread from burning and will give sandwiches like his Pepperbelly Melt that perfect golden-brown crispiness.

– Butter can be more than butter! To sneak more flavor into the Piglet Sandwich, Heidi Gibson mixes rosemary with butter. Another tip: to mince up the rosemary, she uses a standard coffee grinder.

– Cook evenly. To make sure his sandwiches are fully-cooked, Tommy Habetz starts them off on a griddle (or press), then opens them up and places them in a 450°F oven for about 1 minute.

– Get creative! What ingredients sound good to you? Can some of your favorite meals be transformed into a grilled cheese? There are so many ingredient combos that will blend beautifully in a grilled cheese sandwich. Our partner chefs aren’t afraid to try new and inventive grilled cheeses. Their ingenuity, along with their skills, make them grilled cheese masters!

Do you have any tips for making the ultimate grilled cheese?

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