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I probably don’t need to tell you this, but Tillamook has some of the greatest fans ever! And every day we’re given the great joy of interacting with them personally!

This time of year is synonymous with sharing and giving, but our amazing fans are always blowing us away with their acts of kindness. Things like; dedicating their As You Wishlist contest entry to a loved one, requesting that we send their product replacement coupons to a family less fortunate “because they’re really going through a hard time right now and they could use them more than me,” multiple fans uniting to get an adorable little girl with cancer entered into the Picnic Pic contest so she could win a trip for her and her family.

We love engaging with you (our fans) because your simple acts of kindness warm our hearts, not only this time of year, but year round! So thank you, for joining us now, and year-round, in the spirit of giving.

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