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"My daughter was so excited to get a 5 pound loaf of Tillamook for Xmas." - Josh G.

There seems to be a theme going on lately – kids love Tillamook Cheese! How great is this picture? All this little girl wanted for Christmas was a huge loaf of Tillamook Medium Cheddar (I think her dog might want a bite, too!). It looks like she can barely hold it on her own!


From Christopher C.: I moved from Oregon to Alaska in 2006. Glad you sell most of the Tillamook products up here too. I would buy no other available dairy products (especially cheese) as long as I live… We love it, Thanks for everything. – From a life long fan and consumer. =)

From Mickey T.: grew up on Tillamook and now my kids will. I ♥ you!

From Stephanie L.: My girls and I love love love your Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream! Courtney’s 6th birthday today and she has asked for it to be her birthday dessert!

From Kimberley C.: Tonight is “make your own PIZZA” night at my house. With a lot of Tillamook Pepper Jack and Sharp Cheddar for me! Homemade dough and everything! Cant wait! Is it dinner time YET?

From Josh G.: My daughter was so excited to get a 5 pound loaf of Tillamook for Xmas (see above photo)


From @hollowstar: @TillamookCheese Lowfat Yogurts are delicious & totally helping w my weight loss goals. Eating Vanilla Bean. Faves Peach & Watermelon.

From @cheesechick1: Late night creative endeavors fueled by Pink Lady apple, last of 3yo 100th Anniv. @TillamookCheese #Cheddar and Earl Grey. #cheesesunday

From @brainfroth: Will be drinking Oregon Pinot Noir and eating some @TillamookCheese tonight for BCS Championship game.

From @TedWard: Just got some Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream at the @TillamookCheese factory. It might be the best ice cream I have ever had

From @_alethea_: Optimism is not my strong point, but this champagne is helping. Plus, snacking on @TillamookCheese is getting me excited for my move to OR!

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