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"Here's Everly, Tillamook Cheese's newest fan and a baby loaf herself! I'm a lucky grand uncle to have Everly as my grand niece!" - Fan Chuck P.

Thanks for all the cheesy conversations this week! Hope everyone has a grate weekend (sorry, I can’t resist a good cheese pun!). I’ll be hanging out with my cousins Pepper Jack and Monty Jack… I can’t wait!

Yours in Loaf Love,


From Chuck P.:  Here’s Everly, Tillamook Cheese’s newest fan and a baby loaf herself! I’m a lucky grand uncle to have Everly as my grand niece!

From Kathy S.: Let’s see, what to do with Tillamook Cheese? Let me count the ways… Tacos, grilled cheese, quesadillas, pizazz on my casserole, melted in my soup, on my pizza, in my quiche, omelets, atop my garlic bread, secret handfuls when no one is looking both for me and my children. Thanks Tillamook – NO ONE does cheese like you guys!

From Monica R.: Are you going to be able to get thru the mudslides so that we can have our Tillamook?

From Devon F.: I was in the market for some string cheese for snacking and stumbled upon your Tilla-Moos. Being a huge cow fan and a die-hard Tillamook fan for life, I couldn’t pass them up! Cutest name for a snack cheese EVER!

From Brandy S.: I just found the end of my 2lb block hidden in my son’s (5) toy box… yummy. I guess he was hiding it all for himself….


From @hollysue: Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day with some Tilla-Moos from @TillamookCheese #cheesywin

From @goddessbj: Open face multigrain bread with melted @TillamookCheese Medium Cheddar, sliced Fuji apple and a glass of pinot grigio. Nom nom nom

From @HappyHourCandle: @TillamookCheese It’s hard to follow you! Every time I see a tweet I get a crazy cheese craving.

From @BecauseUAreHere: looks as if hubby is on a grilled @TillamookCheese sandwich theme…guess what I’m making?

From @DieselBT: The best cheddar I ever had was an aged white cheddar I won (yes, won!) from @TillamookCheese!

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