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“Good until the last drop!” – Jaclyn P.

It’s finally the weekend! I think I’ll take some advice from the little guy above and celebrate by eating (drinking?) every last drop of ice cream. Have you tried our new Cinnamon Banana Bliss? It’s, well, blissfull!

Talk to you all next week!



From Claire B: i LOVE Tillamook Butter.. always buy the unsalted… its always creamy and delicious…. two thumbs up!!!

From Keri K.: I keep a membership at Costco just for the Tillamook Cheese!

From Stacey W.: Tuesday morning I woke up dreaming of a grilled cheese sandwich, then this morning I dreamed that Tillamook Cheese had changed it’s name….but I didn’t know the new name and I couldn’t find it in the store. What a catastrophe!

From Kristi M.: The new Banana Vanilla yogurt is amazing!

From Amy F.S.: Happy early birthday to one of the greatest companies in the world, and we are so lucky that you are here in Oregon and that we get to have your products anytime, again Thanks.


From @wendywoowho: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 42…lbs of Tillamook in the fridge.

From @shoshpd: Any sandwich made w/ @TillamookCheese is automatically in the running for best sandwich ever.

From @davidpetersonh: @TillamookCheese I’ve lost 25 pounds in 2 1/2 months and Tillamook Cheese has been a constant in my balanced, healthy diet. 🙂

From @thirdfloorwatch: Somebody suggested I make cheese enchiladas with Velveeta instead of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar. I ate 2…and threw the rest out.

From @quesoqueen: Loafy at the @TillamookCheese factory presidents day weekend? Consider me there! Woot!!!


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