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Here’s a recap of some of my favorite recent fan comments. Thanks for another fun week of cheesy conversations!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



From Loni H.: the new banana vanilla yogurt is delicious!

From Ted M.: Mr./ Mizz Cheese: hands down, the best FB food like ever! Tasteful, fun, entertaining hands down.

From Karen C.: Happy Valentine’s Day…I sure miss Tillamook Cheese! My kids were raised on it…(one of them still lives in Oregon so she still enjoys it) I see you’re in Spring, TX, but I need to find out where. Tillamook is worth a little bit of a drive if need be! I would even enjoy a loaf of Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese for Valentine’s Day present…(hopefully the hubby is gonna read this!!!)

From Erin-Renee K.L.: My daughter LOVED!!! the little VW you had a in Mesa, AZ… she is 4 and now is still wearing the little pin you gave her… and she made us buy 3 things of cheese… You made a big fan… who LOVES cheese

From Rhiannon M.: I absolutely love your cheese!! We just started buying it about 2 months ago and I will NEVER buy another brand! So to find out that I can now purchase Tillamook Yogurt at my local Safeway, I’m elated!


From @almostmonday: @TillamookCheese Happy Birthday to my favorite cheese! I look forward to grilled cheese with you for another 100+ years!

From @wineshout: Just crossed the border with some @TillamookCheese …was that illegal? I dunno, but it’s a guilty pleasure 🙂

From @jborge: Best. News. EVER!! @TillamookCheese yogurt is now available in AZ! Here’s to hoping ice cream is next 🙂

From @andTheJoel: @TillamookCheese you are missing my favorite recipe. Take a block of Tillamook Cheese, Slice, Eat.

From @geezersgirl: I should know better than to try another cheese just because I had a coupon. Nothing compares to @TillamookCheese

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